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Joy and Marvin are both from Beijing, China. Joy is currently working in the San Francisco Bay Area, and Marvin is working in Beijing. He flew all the way to California for their pre wedding photos! It was such a fun day exploring the beautiful city of San Francisco with this sweet and energetic couple! They have a long love history….they started dating when they were in middle school!

We began our session with a stunning sunrise at Baker beach. It was such a gorgeous day. We had the beach all to ourselves. The golden gate bridge was vibrant with the golden twilight.

Our second stop was the famous San Francisco City Hall. It was both their first times visiting here. Like most people, they were wowed by this gorgeous building.

Later for lunch, Joy and Marvin went to Wayfare Tavern, an iconic restaurant in the Financial district. They wanted some fun life style vibe. This was the perfect spot for that old school meets modern setting.

Having grown up in Beijing, the capital of China, they really wanted to embrace their Chinese heritage. Where else is better to shoot at than the most famous Chinatown in the US? I loved Joy’s cute modern Chinese dress! And her earrings say double happiness in Chinese characters. It was such a special touch!

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