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Cinque Terre, which means Five Lands, is a string of centuries-old seaside villages on the beautiful Italian Riviera coastline. When I fist saw a picture of this place I already fell in love. Being a destination wedding photographer I’m lucky enough to travel to the most beautiful places. I must say Cinque Terre is definitely one of my favorites. It’s a view I’ve never seen, the cliff side terraces are covered by the colorful houses and vineyards, and the harbors are filled with fishing boats.

If you are a mountain person and enjoy hiking, this is the place for you! The Sentiero Azzurro cliffside-hiking trail links the villages with amazing sea vistas. If you are an ocean person, this place is for you. You can take a dip, go swimming or snorkeling in the hidden bays. And if you are a foodie, you would definitely love it here! Cinque Terre is the origin place for the world famous pesto sauce as well as my favorite bread Focaccia! Not even mentioning all the fresh seafood you can get! Oh my, My mouth is watering now…..

Really, this is the place for anyone and everyone.


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